Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NASA astronomers have discovered the Abode of God.

Астрономы НАСА обнаружили Обитель БогаIn 1994, the space telescope "Hubble" photographed a giant floating in space object is clearly artificial. NASA officials dubbed it the Abode of God. US management decided to keep it a secret. But the information came out.

 An interesting object.

 In December 1994, NASA experts have received another batch of photos taken with the space observatory "Hubble". A small fuzzy patch on one of the images generated interest. The appearance of it can not be explained by any noise during signal transmission to Earth, nor any optical effect. Interesting plot of the starry sky with the maximum remade for "Hubble" resolution.


Астрономы НАСА обнаружили Обитель БогаIn the pictures, scientists saw a shining structure, very correct structure, to consider it a creation of nature. About the size of it is difficult to speak. Even the "huge" and "giant" did not fit the object, measured in billions of kilometers. Our planet would be only a grain of sand on the streets of this city.

Shaken by experts not restrain himself in the definitions, the object named "city", and named it the Abode of God. No one would believe how close they are to the truth.

 Surprise Abode of God.

 Tracing an object, scientists have determined that he, along with the galaxy is moving relative to the Earth. It fits into the big bang theory. According to the theory, once in the universe exploded and since then the galaxies fly apart.

 Астрономы НАСА обнаружили Обитель БогаHowever, when experts with computers built a three-dimensional model of the part of the universe, they expect a "surprise". We and all the other galaxies really move relative to the Abode of God, but the "city" will not fly, because it is located in the very point from which everything shatters. T.e.Obitel God is in the center of the universe.

 Information secrets.

On detection in space strange man-made objects were reported to the top. The fate of the surprising discoveries discussed President Bill Clinton and Vice President Albert Gore. In the end we decided that we should not agitate humanity and imposed a ban on the publication of all information relating to the Abode of God. But it was too late.
All made "Hubble" pictures almost immediately laid out in the public domain for review. Before "interesting pictures" were removed from the server, several astronomical laboratories managed to copy them. In early 1995, in a German scientific journal it was reported on the opening of NASA's scientific journal information scattered across all media. Gene flew out. Information is no longer a secret.

As found in the cosmos?

No shortage of theories. Each article of the Abode of God ends with a paragraph setting out the next version of the nature of the object. The most "running" are as follows:1. This is really the place of the Creator habitat. Place souls of the dead people on Earth and other planets.2. Object - creating a kind of super-civilizations. If in the Universe there are other intelligent beings, it is possible that some of them have reached such a high level of development that is able to create artificial objects such magnitude. Today, around the Earth flying the ISS, and that humanity will launch into space in 500 years?
And NASA's what NASA? After all, no one doubts that its experts continue to monitor the Abode of God. So really for 20 years of a strange object did not bring any more surprises? NASA, in spite of numerous publications, comment flatly refuses: There is further analysis and study of the images.

And it can say?

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