Thursday, August 15, 2019

Estonia is fucked.

In addition to staggering stupidity, there is mass slavery in Estonia, or the paralyzing fear of standing up for one's rights, which acquires a practical life-cheat for most Estonians: the problems of society fail because my shirt is closest to the body. That's why the Estonian state will not get it and in the long run Estonians will deserve their unfortunate fate, says freedom activist Tiit Madisson in the last article.

My long and experienced fighting life begins to run towards the Toonela gates and there is plenty of time as a pen. I often think for what reason Estonians have not been able to build - as a shrewd and hardworking nation - a country where all their fellow citizens would feel well, where "justice and justice" would prevail, as stated in our Constitution. At the same time, we know from history that, after 20 years, the war-torn West Germany became the most powerful European country in Europe. But why are we still in a real moral swamp with our society? For one reason or another, I will not finish my writing by titling my last work, the tenth,: "Why is Estonian society in…?"

Since I have expressed myself honestly and openly in my life, I am not offended by the direct national vocabulary of the leaders of EKRE, which characterize the current situation in Estonia with stale morals. The cartel media and the cobblestone rocks are turning around. In my comments on Nõmme Radio, I have used a lot of crunchier expressions as a non-politician, where I have called the backbone politicians the "politically obsessive" they really are.

It helps with the hypocrisy and lies that the Estonian state has taken to where it has been after irresponsible, almost 30 years of rule. Already during the reign of Mart Laar, society was left undovetised and life was destroyed in the land from which the Estonian people have gained vitality for generations. It is not hypocritical to talk about it.

I'm not going to prove anything here again, because I've done enough with my heartache in my numerous writings. Soon, a selection of my writing pieces should arrive for sale bound in covers. In the following, I will try to list the reasons why our common state is "not germinating or rotting" and "scratching like a chicken," to use folk expression. In summary, the Estonian people have lost the passion, which Lev Gumiljov, a Russian historian-ethnologist, writes in his works.

Stupidity as our existential problem

Often meeting with his old comrades-minded peers, the main topic of discussion is the mass stupidity that is spreading among the people. I deduce from the votes and continued support for the ECRE that there is only one in five or sixth of our fellow countrymen who, through their own personal experience, has often understood what is happening here in our dear birthplace.

However, most Estonians who are "proud and in hell" have lost their individual thinking ability, which is particularly noticeable in attacks against the "rat party" and the Socrates, who have been embroiled in EWR. Information and knowledge is sourced from the mainstream media and it is believed what is propagated by the System propagandists. Therefore, it is no wonder that the popularity of the "rat party" - if you believe in media polls - is still so high.

What has been said during the 17 years of rule but only during the fall of the leader of the rich party has not caused any malfunction. When there was insane unemployment of 170,000, mass bankruptcies of companies, the "firing" of thousands of bank debtors, mass poverty and suicide, Andrus Ansip, an arrogant prime minister who only looked at power and personal well-being, said: I would like to live in such a crisis! ”Only Ansip's brainless promise to make Estonia one of the five richest countries in Europe could be compared to this. Already at that time, it provoked witty comments. Amazingly, 35% of Estonians are waiting for the rat party back in power! If such zombies have not lost their ability to think, then who are they?

The trouble is that stupid people don't bother to educate themselves, which is why they are stupid. With their hideous needs and the amusement that the increasingly mainstream mainstream media offers them, they are more or less satisfied with their lives and blaspheme all the "fascists" in EKRE who allegedly take away some of their "freedoms".

This stupidity is believed by young people without real education who, with their rainbow flags and red slogans, came up on March 31, 2019 under the slogan "Yes to freedom, no violence!" To the streets of Tallinn's Old Town. Among them were the Social Commissioners. Not sure what liberties youngsters in the rainbow color are still looking for and what they are missing because of the reign of EKRE? Maybe the necrophilia (sex with the dead - ed.) That their fellow young Socialists in Sweden are calling for to legalize? But a similar "human right" in neoliberal Canada already exists! Get in there! Frankly, I am not going to cry for these "future Estonian builders"!

Under the stupidity of young people with poor home education

Thursday, November 16, 2017

In the mine was found a stone coffin, which is 800 million years old.

An unusual and shocking find was discovered by workers of the mine in the village of Rzhavchik, Kemerovo region. At a depth of 70 meters workers stumbled upon a huge stone box with a length of 2.5 meters. The box was lifted to the surface and decided to open it. Soon, everyone realized that it was a coffin. All present were shocked by what they saw. The coffin was filled with a pinkish liquid. In it lay a slim, tall (about 180 cm), an unusually beautiful woman, who looked about thirty years old.With beautiful European features and large wide open blue eyes. Her hair was a dark-brown color with a rusty hue. Everyone who saw her thought that the girl was just sleeping. So good she looked and was as alive. Everyone who saw her was blinded by her beauty.The coffin was open for about 15 hours. At that time the whole village came to see an incredible find. Shortly thereafter, residents of the village Rzhavchik reported a strange find in the district center.

В шахте был найден каменный гроб, которому 800 миллионов летThe military, the police and the fire brigade came to the place of the find. All residents were asked to leave, as they called this place dangerous for the population. Then the authorities fenced this place and did not allow anyone to step on foot. All those who were in the mine during the detection, and who saw the girl, touched the coffin, were listed and sent to quarantine. After this coffin found in the mine was transported to Moscow, it was investigated by scientists.There is information that this girl is 800 million years old. Its DNA completely coincides with ours, Slavic. If this is true, then Darwin's theory is just an anecdote. After all, it turns out that this snow-white beauty lived before the dinosaurs appeared.Watch a video about this amazing find right now. Share this interesting information with your friends.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

US compensate damage to Russia "uranium deal."

Almost none of the Russian media did not pay attention to an event that occurred in August 2016 .. From the port of St. Petersburg on a journey across the Atlantic has gone merchant ship Atlantic Navigator. On board the ship - container with the Russian uranium.

 This was the last batch of uranium, which was sent to the United States on the basis of signed 20 years ago, the US-Russian agreement providing for the supply to the United States 500 metric tons of uranium, which Russia undertook to extract from its nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as fuel for nuclear power plants .
About this uranium deal actively discussed in the 1990s, but today, the theme was "behind the scenes" discussions of the key issues of our lives. A younger generation simply nothing about it heard. Therefore, we must be reminded of its history.
Immediately, I note that this is no ordinary trade and economic transactions, beneficial for both sides. It is an act of the largest Russian robbery, not only in the latest of its history, but also in the entire history of the country. Russia lost the Cold War the West, primarily the United States. She lost to a great extent due to the treacherous policy of our leaders. These tops have continued to take the country in the 1990s. "Uranium deal" - the consent of our treacherous elite pay tribute to the winner in the form of weapons-grade uranium. The principal agreement on this was reached between the then Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin and US Vice President Albert Gore, so this transaction is often referred to as the transaction Gore - Chernomyrdin. It is also called "the scam of the Millennium" by virtue of an unprecedented scale. In fact, it was the West's operation, which solves several strategic goals:
a) unilateral nuclear disarmament by depriving Russia of its stocks of weapons-grade uranium, as well as the preparation of conditions for the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;
b) applying enormous economic damage to Russia (the accumulated stock of weapons-grade plutonium is an essential part of the national wealth of Russia at the time);
c) deprivation of the huge Russian energy sources in the future after the intended introduction of new technology thorium nuclear power.
The scale of Russia robbery
"Scam Millennium" deal dubbed because, first, it had a huge scale, and secondly, was concluded fraudulently. Many Russian and American media tried to present it as a mediocre commercial agreement. The total purchase price for the supply of 500 tonnes of uranium was set at 11.9 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the value of the specified amount of highly enriched uranium is incomparably higher. To produce this amount of weapons-grade uranium, mining and defense industries of the country have worked for about 40 years, several hundred thousand people. Manufacturing dangerous, tens of thousands of people lost their health and ability to work, shortened his life. These were enormous sacrifices in order to forge a nuclear shield of the country and ensure a calm peaceful life of the USSR and the socialist countries. This uranium provides military-strategic parity in the world, which dramatically reduced the risk of a world war.

 On the other hand, in the US media, there are such assessments: by Russian uranium at the beginning of this century in the US nuclear power plants produce 50% of electricity. Every tenth kilowatt hour of electricity in the entire US economy was ensured at the expense of enriched uranium from Russia. According to the estimates, which were made by experts at the end of the last century, the real value of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium was at the time of not less than $ 8 trillion. For comparison, the annual average of the annual GDP in Russia, according to Rosstat, in the last decade of the last century there were in the region of $ 400 billion. It turns out that the actual price of the uranium deal was only 0.15% in relation to the minimum real value of the goods. The real price of uranium was equivalent to 20 (twenty) annual GDP!
There have been many wars in the history of mankind. After they defeated often pay reparations and indemnities winners. Recall, for example, the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. "Iron Chancellor" Bismarck defeated France appointed a contribution of about 13% of GDP (5 billion francs). Probably, the biggest in recent history indemnity paid defeated in World War Germany. Media reported that Germany just three years ago, has been paying reparations for the Paris Peace Treaty of 1919. In Germany, reparations were imposed in the amount of 269 billion gold marks. The amount, of course, enormous: it is equivalent to about 100 000 tons of gold. At present the price of the yellow metal would be about $ 4 trillion. in the field of economic history Experts say that to Germany in Paris reparation is about twice the GDP of the then Germany. Among other things, the payment of reparations by Germany stretched for 90 years (with interruptions, carried out for about 70 years in the pure form of payment); the payment of the "uranium reparations" Russia kept within 20 years, with most of the uranium was produced in the US in the 1990s.

Firstly, there are suspicions that a number of persons involved in that transaction, remain in the "cage" active politicians and government officials. There is no guarantee that they will not continue to work in the US and Western interests.
Secondly, we need to correct and honest understanding of our recent history. Without truthful disclosure of details "uranium deal" and its political, military, moral evaluation is no guarantee that we are again stepping on rakes like. Analysis of the real aims of the US side of the transaction clearly highlights the true aims and interests of those whom we, unfortunately, by inertia continue to call "partners".
Thirdly, we need informed and detailed assessment of the economic damage which has been inflicted deal Russia and its people.
Any attempt to take the path of Russian economic recovery West will put a spoke in the wheel of our current reform, socio-economic transformation. We must be prepared for the fact that the West will increasingly expose us to a different kind of "bills" - for example, if we try to carry out deoffshore our economy. After US courts, the United Kingdom, other European countries inevitably begin disassembling from the owners of offshore companies and / or their representatives with far-fetched claims for "damages". Approximately the same reaction can be expected in case Russia decides to withdraw from the WTO, the limitation of foreign investment or even restriction of repatriated profits of foreign investors from Russia. We must be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary counterclaim "accounts" our Western "partners". The largest of all possible counter "accounts" - our requirements to the US giant to compensate damage to Russia "uranium deal."
VY Katasonov

Russian missiles in Cuba again: but found them Americans are no longer able ?

Русские ракеты снова на Кубе: Но обнаружить их американцы уже не способныFebruary 24, 2017, US President Donald Trump in an interview to the largest international news agency "Reuters" admitted Russian nuclear superiority. START-3 treaty he called "one-sided deal," which only reinforces the fact the US legally backlog.
Whether rights Trump in his assessment of our balance of forces? Yes. Rights.
The last three years were decisive in changing the military balance of power between Russia and the West led by the United States of America. And not only in the field of strategic nuclear weapons. While Americans vociferously fought the mythical "Russian threat" in the Baltic States and in eastern Ukraine, Russian cruise missiles, the new generation has quietly took aim not only European NATO capitals, but most of the actual United States territory. Air defense system that can intercept such cutting-edge maneuvering targets, NATO is not in the next 10-15 years will not be exact. Neither detect the missiles in their deployment locations, nor even to prove their existence, Washington can not. And Moscow, looking at the futile efforts of American military experts accuse Russia of deploying new super weapon, only silent and smiling contemptuously.
However, a Russian miracle missiles - a little later. First, let's talk about geopolitics and military strategy.
All the guys: the joke was over
February 21, Sergei Shoigu, Russian Minister of Defence, Army General spoke at MGIMO at the opening of the All-Russian Youth Forum with a keynote speech. He said: "Relations between states are becoming increasingly strained. It intensifies the struggle for resources and control over their transportation routes. Attempts by the West, led by the United States to slow down the process of establishing a new and more equitable world order lead to growing chaos, anarchy and encounter rejection from many countries ...
Military force became the main instrument for solving international problems. A major factor is the threat of international terrorism. Increasingly, information space is used by extremists to spread their ideas and recruitment of new members of terrorist groups ... In these circumstances, it is necessary to combine the efforts of state and public institutions for the promotion and protection of national interests, to strengthen the defense of our country ... "
And the next day, coming on 22 February in the State Duma, Sergei Shoigu announced the creation of a new kind of troops - "Information Operations Forces." He said: "The new army is much more effective and stronger than the control, which was called counter-propaganda. Propaganda must be smart, competent and effective ... "
General Shamanov, chairman of the Duma Defense Committee, explained the words of his former boss: "The Defense Army of information can solve the problem of cyber attacks. Today the number of calls transferred to the so-called cybersphere, and, in fact, today there is information warfare as part of a general confrontation. Proceeding from this, Russia has made efforts to build structures that are engaged in this business. "
That is, in our new cyber-warfare troops provided connection possibilities with the information war, computer hacking and electronic warfare propaganda and agitation. To overestimate the importance of this news is not possible: According to Shoigu Shamanov and it turns out that in the Russian Armed Forces - a world first - an unprecedented set by the efficiency hybrid with agitators hackers! And the hybrid, especially against the background of the western hysteria about "Russian intervention in the American (French, German, etc.) election" - certainly in the West will cause a new wave of screams and moans about "Russian aggression", "hybrid war" and " insidiousness of Putin. "
If all of the above briefly translate into ordinary language, it turns out that Shoigu warned the West about this: "All the guys! Normal words you do not understand. So ended jokes from now on military force - our main argument! "
The patient likely dead than alive ...
Meanwhile, Washington is reeling all more strongly. US State machine creaks and moans, her most important gears are internecine political struggle for life and death. Major US (yes that US - the world) media beating at Trump "from all the trunks," not mince words. CNN, NBC, The New York Times and many other publications have become a sort of collective "Echo of Moscow", but instead of "bloody gebni" they favor the administration of US President, but rather "dark" always-always-at-all-guilty Putin - Donald Trump.

 Here are just a couple of examples in the last 10 days: International US-British magazine "Week" wrote: "President Trump, imagines himself in the same business and tough leader like Putin - is actually dumber all other American presidents. He thinks he will be able to negotiate with Putin. He thinks that Russian help to America in the fight against Islamic terrorism. But it is foolish thoughts. And our president - a fool ... "
A Portuguese "public" in the article "The American locomotive derailed," says: "The parallels between Hitler and Trump have become common place. But it can be compared not only with Hitler, and Stalin. There is one key item that makes Trump look like Stalin's: no one knows exactly what he wants. No one can explain the meaning of his words. Any relationship with Trump is sure to turn guessing attempts being made first of his aides in the White House, Congress and then by the judges, and then distributed among journalists and commentators. Eventually I guess suffers every single citizen and US resident. But the world can not wait for the Americans put a locomotive on the tracks ... "
And here Stalin - is impossible to understand, but the message of the article is clear: Trump terrible, unpredictable, incompetent, out of control ...
But antitrampovskoe media frenzy - it is only half the problem. The second and main her half lies in the fact that within his own administration Trump stuck a huge "fifth column", in comparison with which our liberals just kids. For its head - the largest US intelligence agencies such as the CIA, FBI, etc.
Judge for yourself. The sensational resignation of Assistant Trump on national security Michael Flynn (which took 3 weeks after his appointment to this key position) has occurred due to the fact that the representatives of the FBI, essentially blackmailed Trump, threatening to make public the results of the secret wiretapping of telephone conversations Flynn with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
A leak to the press the content of telephone conversations Trump with the leaders of Russia, Australia, Canada ?! This is completely unprecedented! The content of such negotiations should be a state secret, protected by stricter than all the nuclear secrets together. And now, if you please: the very administration officials, who must guard the secret, void sumnyashesya poured it in the media! It seems that America went hawking.
By the way, inside the country is widely understood. The publication "Koller Daily" quoted the veterans of special services:
Colonel James Vorishak - 30 years of service in military intelligence and the National Security Council, "has never had to see that intelligence on such a scale was used intelligence apparatus and special tactics for political purposes against the employee of the current administration."
Frederick Rastmen - '24 work in manual elite unit of the hidden life of CIA operations, "blades exposed. Press leaks by means of special services has set the task to shift Trump. I do not be surprised if this vendetta will not give Trump to see out the end of his first term. History Flynn - it's just a vendetta. "
The publication of these citations are many more, but we have enough, I think, of the two.
Is Trump will be able to prevent collapse? Will he be able to implement its political strategy? And if she is with him? All this today - questions without answers.
Yes, it is - a successful businessman. And his secretary of state, he has put Rex Tillerson - another successful businessman. But in the world of big business and big politics - very different, though closely intertwined things. From the man they often require very different knowledge, skills and talents. History of Russia, for example, does not know a single case of a successful transition from business to politics.
However, the US - it's not quite a state. Rather, it is a joint venture, a giant financial-industrial corporation. While the profits of the corporations grew, everything was normal. But once growth has stopped - and the purchasing power of the average American wages by major product group today rolled to the level of 1957 - laid bare all the internal contradictions. And whether the joint venture "United States" will survive in the new environment - it's unclear ....
Washington in sight, the flight is normal ...
But back to the "invisible" Russian missiles, with which we began this article. How many of these missiles Moscow has deployed and where - the generals in the Pentagon do not know. Moreover - does not know how to find it!
For a long time, Washington hide his failure from the American public. All data about the new Russian super-missile lay in the bowels of the Pentagon under a classified "top secret". Only occasionally military officials is not of the first rank is something timid and vaguely stated that the Russian de violate some agreement, and we give them this, of course, not just ...

 But now, finally, the secret is out! February 14, 2017 one of the most influential US newspapers, The New York Times, published an article in which, with reference to high-ranking representatives of the US administration claimed that Russia in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, allegedly launched a ground launchers strategic cruise missiles . This message is The New York Times immediately reprinted many Western media. And among the professional NATO Russophobes it caused a real panic.
Thus, the Polish Military Review Defence24 said: "The reports that the Russian army is testing the new cruise missiles, land-based, have already appeared in print in 2014 and 2015. The alarm should beat already. However, this did not happen because it would be a proof of the ineffectiveness of the administration of President Barack Obama. It is now clear that the Russian armed forces were mobile rocket launchers with missiles with a range over 2,000 km. The US military knew it. But in the United States are trying to mitigate the situation, deliberately underestimating the number of rockets that have appeared in the Russian army. Self-propelled launchers of cruise missiles may already be in the Crimea, in the Kaliningrad region, and even in Syria, not only in Central Russia ... "
Western strategists are worried for good reason. Indeed, Russia has made great strides in creating a new generation of cruise missiles. And Moscow this little secret. First of all we are talking about long-range cruise missile 9M729 developed "Innovator" Ekaterinburg Design Bureau for the missile system 9K720 "Iskander-M".
Until recently, in the complex "Iskander-M" used several modifications of ballistic missiles and cruise missile 9M728, the official distance of less than 500 kilometers. And now adopt complex received a new long-range missile 9M729, which is likely to be a ground-based version of the famous sea-based missiles "Caliber", which is the nuclear option is able to hit a target at a range of up to 2,600 kilometers. However, some experts believe 9M729 terrestrial version of cruise missile air-launched X-101, the range that altogether up to 5 500 km. Whatever it was, the Moscow State Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Engineering, responsible for creation of a data management system of missiles, still in 2015, said "the completion of state tests 9M729 missiles and its improved version."
Yes, one more thing ... To complete the picture it should be said about another important feature of the new Russian cruise missiles. They can easily be placed in a standard freight container. One such package is placed in a container 4 missiles in the other - with a control command center equipment. Millions of such containers are continuously traveling around the world. They are transported in large quantities from ships, rail and road. And several thousand kilometers of each of these containers can now contain a deadly stuffing of our strategic cruise missiles, capable of hitting any range enemy target.
Who knows where, at any warehouses, public ports and countries are already on such missile containers, waiting for the coveted team on the deployment and use? In Syria? Maybe in Cuba? After all, from Havana to Washington just 1820 kilometers, and hidden in the "caliber" of containers can easily overcome this distance for a couple of hours. Who can say with certainty that he had decided on this occasion, Putin in his Kremlin office? In any case, the Pentagon generals and NATO strategists now have something to think about ...
Yes, all this is, of course, violates the Treaty on Intermediate and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF Treaty so-called), signed with the United States even the Soviet Union in 1987. Under this agreement, neither Russia nor the United States can not develop, test, manufacture and deployment of ballistic and cruise missiles, land-based with a maximum range of 500 to 5500 km. This contract is open-ended, but the real test of its compliance mechanisms no longer exist. Previously, up to the year 2000 and we, Americans, have the right to conduct each year up to 20 on-site inspections at those points in the territory of each other, which cause suspicion, the last 16 years, any check can be carried out only "national surveillance systems and intelligence, satellites from space or
reconnaissance ships from neutral waters, without the right to carry out inspections on the spot. It is clear that in this mode to detect and, moreover, conclusively document the presence of cruise missiles banned by the INF Treaty characteristics is simply impossible.

Realizing that hide this strategic failure further pointless about the problem in the United States spoke at the highest level. Even Trump in a recent interview with "Reuters" has stated that he is very concerned about the Russian superiority in the nuclear field and dissatisfied by START-3, limiting the possibility of the United States in this area. And the question of violations of the INF Treaty and it does intend to put before Putin "at the first meeting." At the risk, however, get a hefty package of recrimination, because Washington is not too bothered compliance with international treaties on arms limitation the past 20 years.
What of all this work - is unclear. As they say, wait - we'll see. In the meantime, let the Western strategists, NATO and the United States are wondering when and which side will fly to them, "the fiery Russian hello" on the wings of a nuclear "Calibre" a new generation of ...
Konstantin Dushenov

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle ship returned after 90 years ...

The Cuban Coast Guard found the ship in the Caribbean Sea, which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle for almost a century ago. Cuban authorities reported finding an old coast guard vessel without a crew in the waters of the Caribbean. According to them, the ship is found by a famous American steamer SS. «Cotopaxi», disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle 1 December 1925.

Пропавший в Бермудском треугольнике корабль вернулся спустя 90 лет…

Cuban authorities have recorded the appearance of the ship a further 16 in January. Then he suddenly appeared to the west of Havana in the forbidden zone for navigation. After prolonged unsuccessful attempts to contact the crew of the vessel in its three patrol boats to intercept the Cuban Coast Guard were sent.
Approaching the target border guards they were shocked by what they saw. The ship was rusty and obviously very old. Even more surprised they climbed aboard the ship - the crew it was not everywhere desolation reigned. It was immediately evident that the ship had been abandoned for decades.
It later emerged that found the ship was built a hundred years ago and is a legend of the Bermuda Triangle. It turned out that a ship is found thereby SS. «Cotopaxi», who mysteriously disappeared in 1925.

 During the inspection on board the ship was found a diary of Captain, who served at the time of the disappearance of the ship's company Clinchfield Navigation Company. The authenticity of the logbook confirmed an expert from Cuba, El Salvador, Rodolfo Cruz. He said that the in-flight magazine contains a lot of valuable information about the daily life of the crew, but unfortunately, he did not give any hints on the issue of the disappearance of the ship and its crew.
The document describes the interesting details recorded before the disappearance of the ship. The last entry in the logbook made 1 December 1925. That same day, SS. «Cotopaxi» filed a distress signal and stopped communicating. Since then, for nearly 90 years, the ship was not news. December 31, 1925, he was entered in the register of missing and despite the fact that in its latest report the crew reported that the ship is sinking, he became part of the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

 Пропавший в Бермудском треугольнике корабль вернулся спустя 90 лет…

In a sea of ​​SS. «Cotopaxi» left the port of Charleston, South Carolina November 29, 1925. At the time of departure on board the ship were 32 sailor led by Captain Meyer. The ship was supposed to deliver 2,340 tons of coal in the capital of Cuba - Havana, but for unknown reasons disappeared under mysterious circumstances two days after leaving port.

Because of the location of the cargo ship in the last 90 years, no information is present, the vice-president of the Cuban Council of Ministers, Gen. Abelardo Colome promised that his country's authorities will investigate to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance and the appearance of the mysterious vessel.

Recall, the Bermuda Triangle covers the area between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico. In this area is unknown disappeared dozens of aircraft and ships, the fate of the majority of which is still unknown. The perpetrators of these mysterious disappearances ufologists called supernatural powers, up to the machinations of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Пропавший в Бермудском треугольнике корабль вернулся спустя 90 лет…

 However, these theories are popular mainly among people, but scientists do not recognize them and explain all the anomalies of the Bermuda Triangle human error in the management of air and naval vessels, and all sorts of natural phenomena.

But the mysterious appearance of the legendary SS. «Cotopaxi» aroused great interest in the scientific community, and it must make many experts to revise their beliefs on this issue, because the sudden return of the ship after 90 years of absence does not explain natural phenomena and human error.

UFOs and aliens?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shocking footage! In the Persian Gulf found dead dinosaur!

This dinosaur, according to one version, the prehistoric monster, belonging to the ancient sight of giant crocodiles sarcosuchus. They lived on the planet 115 million years ago. The origin of the rarest finds in the Gulf, scientists still can not explain. Such animals on the earth no longer meet, say marine biologists and cryptozoologists. These photos monster weighing not less than 6 tonnes and a length greater than 15 meters. Maybe not all of them have become extinct? Is it possible that they will soon come to the surface? Time will tell…